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We are conveniently located at 4311 Triangle (frontage road on Hwy 51.) Less than a mile from Highway 12 & 18 with easy access via Siggelkow or Voges Rd.




















About Us

At The Dog Hut, we are a family of dog lovers and want to share our enthusiasm for your dog at our family owned and operated doggie day care, training and grooming facility. We love our dogs and, like you, we understand that your dog is a special member of your family. We took our dog to daycare as a puppy and saw how she loved playing with the other dogs, how fit she was from all of the exercise and how tired she was when she came home! When we had the opportunity to open our own dog daycare, we jumped at it, what is more rewarding and fun than taking care and playing with your dog! Our son Brendan manages the day to day activities at The Dog Hut to make sure you and your dog attain the highest quality of service. He continues to improve his skills by taking courses in both dog and people management. My husband's and my background is sales and management and we continue to use this experience to make sure The Dog Hut sets the standard for excellence in all areas.

Our Children

Buddy is a fifteen-year-old mixed breed Hound we rescued from the Humane Society in 2002.  He likes being the boss of everyone and everything. Although he is starting to slow down, he still loves long walks in the woods and will sit for hours stalking a squirrel in a tree.  Like a typical coon hound, he howls when he has his nails clipped and he barks at semi trucks when riding in the car.  He is our grumpy old man.



Dooley is a seven-year-old Labradoodle who has redefined what it means to be a rambunctious dog.  She is a sweet girl, who wants nothing more than our complete and undivided love and attention at all times.  She likes fetching anything and can catch a soccer ball in her mouth in mid-air.





Pippin is a seven-year-old Boxer who we rescued from the Humane Society as a stray.  He was in very rough shape, physically and emotionally, but he is recovering well.  He likes giving kisses on the mouth, having his ears scratched, chasing lightning bugs, and playing with his ball.  To our dismay, he also likes chocolate.  He is our mischievous little hobbit.




Claire is a four-year-old yellow Labrador who still thinks she is a puppy. When she see you, she body slams you forgetting that that she is now 80 pounds instead of 20 pounds. Claire is true to her breed and loves to chase balls. She runs full speed and forgets to slow down before she hits the wall. There is a hole in the wall to prove it! She is one of the friendliest dogs and loves to give kisses and be petted. She even lets Charley and Lily pull her tail! Claire is also notorious for grazing the kitchen counter and has been known to eat a loaf of bread or a stick of butter..



Oliver was our beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, who passed away in October 2010.  He was an angel on this Earth.  He loved belly rubs, the snow, and cheese.  He fought lymphoma bravely for 11 months, with the extraordinary help of the UW Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  He was the happiest dog we have ever met, right until the end.  We miss him dearly.



Oh, and we also have two human sons, Brendan and Kyland, a WONDERFUL daughter-in-law, Jamie and 2 energetic grandkids, Charley and Lily.

Come by anytime to check out our place – our family and staff would love to meet you.

- The Taylor Family
Brendan, Cathie & Emerson